Are you a Speaker the World is Looking for?

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Do you know the kind of speakers the world is looking for?

Are you a speaker who fulfils the criteria to go to the world stage?

Last week I was speaking with a renowned Speaker Agent. He works with speakers who earn anywhere between $10,000 – $25,000 per gig. Some of the things he mentioned blew my mind. 

  • 70% of highly paid speakers are men around the world. Therefore, as speaker agents, they find it exceedingly difficult to balance the representation of both men and women in the events, no matter how much they try. 
  • Among the women speakers, 80% of them speak on ‘soft subjects’. What it means is that they talk on subjects like mindfulness, well-being, reiki etc. which doesn’t excite the top decision-makers of the companies. That’s because these topics do not impact the corporate bottom line directly. It is difficult to find ‘bottom line impact’ speakers (sales, leadership, marketing, finance, customer service etc.)
  • Even though they find women speakers with potential, they lack power and conviction. They lack clarity and ambition, hence making it even more difficult for agents to represent them.
  • According to him, many women speakers lack big dreams as well. They lack confidence in their craft to take a giant leap of faith. Very few are playing a big game.  
  • Lastly, he said it is scarce to find a powerful, clear, strong woman speaker who speaks on bottom-line subjects and who is NOT a Caucasian.

This was a reality check for me, validating a lot of things I believe about speakers, trainers, and coaches.

On the other hand, it means that there is a demand for strong, powerful, authentic speakers, who speak on primary topics that impact the organisation directly. 

The reasons for why many speakers settle for average:

I was pondering on what is the reason behind these perceptions. Why many speakers, trainers and coaches settle for the average? I could think of a few reasons behind such scarcity of good native speakers. 

  1. Most of them pick up a topic of their choice based on partial information without thinking much about the consequences of the same. They don’t even evaluate the market needs and acceptability of the topic of their choice. 
  2. Most often, the topics are too generic, and that makes them part of the large herd where no one notices them. So far, all the highly paid speakers I have spoken to them all talk about having a clearly defined and unique niche for speakers, trainers, and coaches. 
  3. Sometimes the topics are ‘borrowed’ from someone else’s expertise, and that is only helping move forward others’ cause. This costly mistake stops speakers, trainers, and coaches from playing a significant big game. 
  4. Most speakers, trainers and coaches are oblivious to their capabilities to impact the world around them and their earning capacity. They are underestimating themselves blatantly.
  5. Most speakers are doing professional speaking sporadically and taking measures randomly to grow their brand. They lack a clearly defined path for marketing and growth. 

To address these problems, I have started a masterclass – Speaking Niche Mastery. It helps you find your unique topic of expertise, establish yourself as a thought leader in your subject and expand your reach through systematic strategies and regular right action-taking. 

I intend to see many native speakers, trainers and coaches leveraging the demand in the world stage.

Should you wish to see yourself in the world stage and raise your game, you may want to sign up for the masterclass.

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