Setbacks are awesome
and I know it!

Here’s calling all the C-suite and women leaders across
the globe. Get smitten by the awesome power of setbacks
and make adversity your partner-in-success.

Professional Speaker | Setback Leadership Champion | Author

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“Srijata’s speech changed our thinking and helped
us understand how
setbacks can become a growth propeller in leadership.”


Viraj Chinthaka
Director – Food & Beverage
Le Grand Hôtel & Resort

“She helped me look
through all the things that were blocking my vision, guided me to take stock of my situation, and planned for the
next haul.”

Glenn Nigel
Associate Director

“Srijata’s keynotes and books help you discover your ups and downs using simple toolkits. It makes you self-aware, the primary step to self-help.”

Supriya Saripalli
Chief of Staff

Don’t count your stars,
count your setbacks!

In fact, observe your setbacks, leverage them to your advantage, and bring alive your vision. We’re in this together!

Hi, I’m Srijata; a setback leadership champion, professional speaker, coach, and consultant. My deep work on setback leadership since 2017 has manifested into two books, a podcast series, blogs, and global keynotes.

I work with business leaders and guide them to churn productive decisions despite adversities with a winning Setback SOP. I lead business leaders to exponential growth through behavioral change – from ‘why me?’ to a ‘wow, it’s me!’ mindset.

I also work closely with corporates to strategically adopt setback leadership into their ecosystem for sustained business success.

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Setback Leaders

You too can inspire your leaders, with setback leadership!

Discover Setback Leadership

Business Leaders

Change the narrative.
Become a setback leader.
Zoom to success.

Women Leaders

Make setbacks your strength.
Break the bias.
Shatter that glass ceiling.


Invest in setbacks.
Witness your leaders make a comeback.
Make setback leadership your culture.

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Spellbound your audience.
Design a meaningful experience.
See them walk out as Setback Leaders.

Srijata Bhatnagar, Professional Keynote Speaker | Setback Leadership Consultant & Coach | DEIB Specialist.

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