Know more about the program -The Power of Setback Leadership

The power of setback leadership lies in how leaders choose to rewrite the narrative, and the process and tools used to bring about this change. Srijata’s extensive experience in the corporate sector working alongside C-suites, gives her the edge of tested techniques to convert setback to success.

Key Outcomes

  • Build your own standard operating process to tackle setbacks.
  • Develop a unique setback leadership style to optimize potential and achieve rapid growth.


proactive actions

From ‘why me?’
to ‘wow, it’s me!’

Driven to chase
exponential growth

Hear it from the setback leaders!

“I highly recommend the Setback Leadership program to any individual or company looking to upgrade their mindset from 1.0 to 2.0 and build resilience in their lives.”  

Athif Ibrahim
LUX* Resorts & Hotels

“Srijata talks about personal & professional setbacks and how to deal with them effectively. She promotes seeing setbacks as an opportunity to learn & grow.”

Chetan Anand
Boston Consulting Group

“Incredibly inspiring and thought-stirring session. Everyone was motivated through Srijata’s journey.”


Neena Jha
Learning Business Partner
Realpage Inc.

The Power of Setback Leadership,
designed for business leaders looking to leverage adversities.

Available as a keynote, masterclass, workshop, or 360° integration for both in-person and virtual sessions.

Know more about the program – Soar Beyond the Glass Ceiling

Srijata’s experiences as a small town Indian girl to a global speaker currently based out of Silicon Valley, have helped evolve this deeply nuanced program. She shares unique perspectives on how gender specific roadblocks can be leveraged to create 360° growth, personally and professionally.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn to break the bias and smash through discrimination and stereotypes
  • Realize professional and personal growth


Heightened sense of self-awareness

From hesitation to determination

Self-guided, independent actions

Hear it from the setback sistahs!

“Difficulties sometimes leave huge emotional and mental blockages. Srijata helped me open up, see the problems, acknowledge them, and figure out a way out of these setbacks.”

Tarundeep Kaur
Outreach Manager
Parity Consulting

“The challenges are still there for working women, but hearing someone overcome these setbacks with strength and grace is a truly remarkable thing.”

Reesha Abdul Munnim
Global Aviation Enthusiast,
HR Practitioner
(Island Aviation Pvt Ltd)

“Srijata will rock your world and change your perception of failure, flipping the script to inspiration and empowerment. An amazing, diverse, and no holds barred speaker.

Crystal Conway
Membership Executive
Silicon Valley Central
Chamber Of Commerce

Soar Beyond the Glass Ceiling
designed for resolute women leaders and organizations looking to empower their women workforce.

Available as a keynote, masterclass, workshop, or 360° integration for both in-person and virtual sessions.

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Stress-free collaboration

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