Don’t count your stars, count your setbacks!

Hey there! I’m Srijata and I believe setbacks are awesome!
Do you think I’m nuts? Well, turn the word around and let it stun you!
That’s my secret. I turn around setbacks, and convert them into opportunities to thrive and grow beyond imagination. This is why I love setbacks!

Since 2017 I’ve been championing setback leadership to business leaders and corporates. Leveraging the power of the professional, personal and entrepreneurial setbacks I’ve experienced in the last three decades, I’ve designed a winning Setback SOP for leaders looking to bounce back stronger than ever.

My work has resonated with over 50k business leaders worldwide, and several more through my books, podcasts, videos, blogs, and speaking.

How I turned around my setbacks to comebacks

Click on each card to find out how

Relationship setback
My first heartbreak in
a relationship that meant everything back then.


Relationship comeback
Amped up my focus on career and personal growth.

Academic setback
Ridiculed for my disastrous
English speech at my
MBA induction speech.


Academic comeback
Enrolled in spoken English classes, excelled, and unknowingly laid the foundation for my speaking career. 

Gender-based setback
I was demoted without an explanation post motherhood which forced me to quit. Faced gender biases from investors.


Gender-based comeback
Reimagined my life, and discovered the entrepreneur in me. Stayed the course, built resilience, and learned to handle rejections.

Entrepreneurial setback
Became an entrepreneur and launched Ethnic Shack.
But faced an emergency health setback, depleted all
my savings, and had to
shut down my business.

Entrepreneurial comeback
Nurtured myself to be stronger in all aspects. Learnt to step out of my comfort zone and seek help. Joined the prestigious IIM B for an entrepreneurship program.

Family setback
Underwent immense grief with the passing away of
my father-in-law, while my
father too was diagnosed
with cancer.


Family comeback

Professional setback
Launched my speaking career, and my first 10 events flopped.

Relationship comeback

Financial setback
Experienced major financial struggles, shut down Ridhani, moved cities with just $6 (Rs.500) in my pocket.

Financial comeback

Health setback
Diagnosed with a polyp in my uterus and underwent surgery right ahead of the pandemic.

Health comeback

Unforeseen setbacks
The pandemic hit my family
as well. Brain fog slowed
my pace immensely.

Unforeseen comebacks

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Hear it from the Setback Leaders!

“Srijata conducted pre-talk
sessions to assess our needs & her audience and even pitched ideas for internal promotions. She readily tailored the content to our specific needs.”

Chetan Anand
Boston Consulting Group


“Her content was highly relevant and extremely effective. It helped me see the opportunities lying in disguise in the challenges that usually throw me into a tailspin.”


Athif Ibrahim
LUX* Resorts & Hotels


“Srijata’s keynote made a presence that only a few speakers could deliver. I realized that it is not challenges but the response that determines success.”


Reesha Abdul Munnim
 Global Aviation Enthusiast, HR Practitioner
(Island Aviation Pvt Ltd)

Embrace the power of
Setback Leadership